Voltage Optimisation

Customer Requirements

BFM initially carried out a survey at Eccleston court / Haydock Suite Care home to look at the possibility of integrating Voltage Optimisation technology into their electrical distribution system. This would involve the installation of a Voltage Optimisation Transformer at the source of the electrical installation. Many electrical goods/appliances/fixtures only require 220V to operate efficiently and any voltage present above this is wasted, the source voltage is in excess of 240V at both of these sites. The Voltage Optimiser can be adjusted so that the supply voltage is reduced across the whole site therefore reducing energy consumption.

Project Solutions

The 200A EMC200i 3 Phase ECO-MAX Voltage Optimiser unit was sited within the substation, due to this particular location of the Voltage Optimiser unit, both Eccleston and Haydock (two separate buildings) would be served by this one unit therefore ensuring maximum savings potential.

Data was collected for a month prior to the work starting and then further data was then collected after the voltage optimiser was installed. To prove that savings could be achieved we compared the data from these two months and this showed that there was a significant energy saving, we also took into account there would be environmental differences that could impact the two figures such as total daylight hours, from our experience the internal lighting of the care home is used regardless of natural light conditions, so we established that this should not deviate the results dramatically because of the fact that the home is a 24hr business and daily operations are constant, resulting in a steady energy consumption throughout the year.

By using the original two months data we collated, together with the billing data for the same period from the previous year and further analysed over a 12 month period, we produced an accurate overall annual cost saving figure of 11%. In addition to the yearly savings the “Eco Max Commercial” Voltage Optimiser came with a low voltage seamless inhibit feature which ensures that the optimised voltage is never too low, allowing a higher savings level to be selected.