Quality Workshop Lighting

Customer Requirements

Old Light Fitting

Improve light levels and the repair environment while saving energy and money with quality replacement workshop lighting solution.

A local garage required their workshop to have nearly double the amount of light levels to comply with the car manufacturers standards for diagnostics and servicing.
The light levels required were 1000 Lux for the three diagnostic bays and 750 Lux for the remaining service bays, the light levels from the existing low bay lights was between 400 – 550 Lux well below the required levels.

Project Solution

We decided to replace the eleven existing low bay light fitting with new energy efficient Dextra Herald fittings with T5 80 watt lamps that give superior through life performance and better colour rendering than their HID equivalent. Because these new light fittings use less power than the existing 400w low bays they were a straight replacement one for one.

Lighting Installation

Immediately after the installation was completed the difference was obvious, the light levels were much higher. These levels were read and the results were as expected, the diagnostic area was reading 1600 Lux and the remaining service bays were 1200 Lux because of the higher ceiling height and without causing any uncomfortable glare while improving the visibility of the working area of the workshop as well as complying with the industry standards.

Before and After