BFM Staffs Ltd

Currently manages and is responsible for Care home property maintenance services and project work to 100's of properties sites across the UK.
All Care homes must ensure that their buildings and equipment are properly maintained and fit for purpose and that predominantly they must meet all appropriate health and safety, legislative requirements and CQC quality standards.
Our aim is to provide a range of top quality services and effective preventative and reactive maintenance solutions. Experts in the delivery of our services to the Care Home sector we ensure that we provide an energy efficient, safe and well maintained environment.

If you are not satisfied with your existing maintenance provider or coming to the end of your current service contract, consider contacting BFM Staffs Ltd to discuss your requirements and together we can build a bespoke service level agreement to cater for all of your maintenance needs.



Comments from Shopper Anonymous who visited the BFM stand at the NEC Care and Dementia Show Nov 3-4 2015.

The stand was situated close to the entrance and exit for the show, so was easy to find. There was a good footfall passing along this corridor at the time of our visit.

The stand stood out as it had moving images of the products on a television monitor which caught my eye as I approached. The branding was clear and obvious.

There were three team members on the stand and they all appeared to be engaged and enthusiastic.

The meeting on the stand was exceptionally positive and I felt completely reassured that this company would address my needs due to the professional way in which the team members discussed their products.

I was pleased with the personal attention my enquiry received. The invitation to attend the care home to help me decide on the products and services I would need made me feel confident in BFM.

All three team members were extremely enthusiastic and paid great attention to my enquiry. Andy and Steven both made recommendations about how their products would give me peace of mind and help me to achieve appropriate levels of safety and care for my residents.

I found the team members to be very friendly and the exchange we had was relaxed and fun, as well as being very informative. The team members were serious about their products and I felt confident that they would provide a good service.

I was given appropriate business cards and literature and, in addition, I was invited to have a 'no obligation' visit and survey of the new care home in order to ascertain my exact requirements and develop a bespoke solution to my needs.

Presentation - 100%

Customer Service - 100%

Sales Skills -100%


Sue Ford

Regional Director – UK